Attempting to push away emotions like shame, regret and pain means that we are likely also pushing away emotions including joy, satisfaction and happiness. These unprocessed emotions and energy don’t just disappear. They are stored in our bodies and can manifest as physical pain, tightness and, potentially, disease. Knowing this, it’s important that we gently release, feel and process emotions for our physical and mental well-being.


How can treatments like Thai Massage help? During a Thai massage treatment your therapist moves and manipulates your body to release and reach areas of stiffness and stuck-ness, therefore helping us release emotions stored in those areas.

As with all our treatments, we encourage being gentle with yourself afterwards. In the case of Thai massage, this could mean making time to journal or meditate and asking yourself “what is it that I’m unwilling to feel?”  Another method is talking to a trusted friend or family member. This can also be invaluable when working through pent up emotions. In these ways, you can truly become your own healer.

If you are having trouble connecting to your emotions, we encourage you to incorporate Thai Massage into your self-care routine. For more information and to book an appointment with one of our highly experienced Thai Massage therapists, call us at 780 437-9355.


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