At Wellness on Whyte some of our busiest months are through the Winter season. There is no coincidence that this just so happens to be Cold and Flu season as well. So we carefully curated services to help prep you for those months that tend to hit your immune system.

Here is a couple treatments we personally love to help give our Immune System some extra TLC;

Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna runs overtime during our Winter Months. Although we do suggest it to our guests because Alberta Winters are cold and a Sauna is just the right thing to warm you up, we also suggest it for more functional reasons. The first thing you need to know about our Sauna is that is uses Infrared Light. This infrared lighting is used to allow your body to release toxins, like  heavy metals, mercury and lead. With it’s ability to heat your body up from the inside out, it is able to increase your body temperature which can kill off any viruses that are beginning to accumulate in your body.

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The World Health Organization did a study on the physiological effects of Acupuncture, and what they found was no surprise. They were able to gauge that getting acupuncture done allows your body to release a hormone called Seratonin, which is commonly known as your “Happy Hormone”. This hormone allows your body to get into a more relaxed state instead of a constricted, under stress state. They also found that it slightly increases your white blood cell count, which is a big contributor to decreasing inflammation in the body. When your body is less constricted and has less inflammation it is able to maintain a healthier, balanced state ad ward off viruses and infection.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We brought in lymphatic drainage massage a while ago at Wellness on Whyte because we recognized the enormous benefits of this massage technique. With it’s light touch technique having the ability to detoxify and drain your lymphatic system, it is a top service on our list to help build your immune system or get rid of those colds that can hit us pretty hard during the winter.

Here at Wellness on Whyte, our main goal is to care for others. Whether you are fighting a cold or flu, or wanting to do your best to make sure you don’t even get one, we have an army of people, services, and products to help you

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Other Services to help build Immunity-

Reflexology, traditional massage, cupping. 

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