With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month we, the team at Wellness on Whyte, wanted to bring some attention to a service we created specifically for breast health; I AM Woman Breast Massage.

The I Am Woman Breast Massage is exactly that, a lymphatic massage tailored specifically for your breast health. Combined with massage techniques to help drain your lymphatic system, and invigorate blood flow through your breast tissue. Breast massage has been scientifically proven to aid in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Increasing blood flow to the breast tissue helps to increase useful female hormones (Prolactin, Oxytocin and Estrogen) which help your bodies cells to get rid of cancer-causing chemicals within your breast ducts. Doing, or giving yourself , a regular breast massage also gives you the opportunity to catch or detect any abnormalities that may arise in your breasts or breast tissue giving you an opportunity to get it checked and avoiding late detection.

Along with the scientific reasoning behind the importance of breast massage, this self care practice allows you to get connected to the yin (or female) energetics of your body and spirit. Chinese Medicine sections the body into parts being more dominant Yin or Yang, in quality. The chest and breasts are more Yin in quality, they contain your female energy. The front of your body is more soft and vulnerable in comparison to your back. The back holds ribs that curl around to the front, it contains your spine and skeletal structure that holds your core upright, making it more Yang (or masculine) in description. Connecting to and caring for this Yin area of your body aids in balancing the energetics of your physiology which can help in decreasing ailments or disease.

We encourage you to book in for a lymphatic drainage breast massage, or at the very least to give yourself a breast massage regularly. We have attached a tutorial of a brief breast massage technique that we recommend to clients in the clinic.

Click below to view our Breast Massage Tutorial given by President, and Acupuncturist, of Wellness on Whyte; Geha Gonthier


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