Bending Reality with Geha Gonthier & Sabrina Souto

This year at BLOOM Geha Gonthier will be running a workshop that explores and brings awareness to all of our six senses. As described in ancient oriental medicine the 6 senses are: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch….and thought.

By understanding the profound connection between our soul, our heart and our mind, we develop and nourish the practical wisdom of ‘right thought’. This conscious integration will help you weather adversity, increase abundance and happiness, pursue your deepest passions with gusto, and belong to a tribe that thrives!

This workshop will be run, in tandem, with a community acupuncture opportunity from our lovely team of acupuncturists. It’s a perfect introduction to acupuncture led by the acupuncture team of Wellness on Whyte. Our acupuncturists will focus on points to deepen the understanding of your senses, leaving you transformed.

Workshop will be held on Saturday October 7, 2017 @ 4:00 pm. Please bring your note books and your yoga mats.

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